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Redcat Racing RC Cars and Trucks


These manuals are for general information. Some information may be incorrect on the parts image pages due to newer or older versions of the vehicle you have. Prior to ordering any parts make sure the image in the manuals match the part that is needed.

Quick Start Guide Click to download
1/8 Nitro Nitro Vehicles
Avalanche XP - Monsoon XP - Hurricane XP - Typhoon XP Click to View
Monsoon XTR - Hurricane XTR Click to View
Earthquake 3.0 Click to View
Earthquake 3.5 Click to View
BackDraft 3.5 Click to View
Landslide - Twister - Maelstrom -Sandstorm Section 1   Section 2
1/10 Nitro Vehicles
Lightning STR - Shockwave Click to View
Tornado BB-S30 - Volcano SV - S30-T2-MX - Vortex SS Click to View
Caldera 3.0 Click to View
1/10 Electric Vehicles
Tornado - Volcano - Vortex - Lightning Click to View
Rock Crawlers
Rockslide Super Crawler Click to View
Rockslide RS10 Click to View
1/5 Scale Vehicles
Rampage MT - Rampage TT Click to View
Rampage Rally Click to View
Rampage Dunerunner Click to View
Radio Manual  
DSM- 2C (FS GT2) Click To View

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