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S&W  High Performance Fuel

S&W is the largest manufacturer of  Nitro fuel on the East Coast!

We sell only S&W  fuel. Our own Nitro Car blend is made up of 20% nitro and 11% scientifically blended castor oil and synthetic lubricants to insure high film strength, better HI R.P.M. lubrication, low engine wear. Formulated with only pure virgin ingredients to give you top performance.

We have used S&W fuel ourselves since the 1980's in our planes and now in our cars and trucks. It is a very consistant fuel from gallon to gallon. No need to constantly mess with the carburetor settings from one run to another or from tank to tank. For you racers out there S&W has come up with a 30% blend that I'm told is one of the best race fuels out there. It is called their Trophy Blend and is available excussively from S&W.  You can call us about availability of this or other blends or getting a custom blend of your own.  If you've never used S&W fuel before give it a try, you might be plesently surprised.

For you gas truck/car/airplane drivers/flyers out there.  S&W sister company S&L has come up with some remarkable oils for use with 2 cycle engines.  This oil allows you to run leaner with less carbon buildup.  Works great in weed wackers or any two cycle engine too.  Again if you would like more information please use our contact page or call.

Note that there is a $25.00 HAZARDOUS Material Shipping charge PER CARTON on all Gallon or more orders of fuel. This charge is IN ADDITION TO the regular flat rate shipping charge for fuel. This Hazmat charge is the same if you order one gallon or 1 case of 4 gallons, therefore we have a Minimum Gallon order of 4 gallons (1 case). This is done to keep shipping costs to a minimum. This Hazardous materal shipping charge and flat rate charge will be added to the cost of the case when you add the case to the shopping cart.  The total cost per case is shown below.

While we have competative prices for our fuel, the shipping and Hazmat charges can make it pretty expensive to order cases of fuel.  For those who have to travel to get their fuel our prices with shipping and Hazmat charges are competative with others.  

Our Quart price is very competative and the shipping charges are more reasonable and based on weight only with no HazMat charges.  Note that each quart ships seperately and that the price of each quart includes shipping.  

 Note too that fuel can only be shipped via GROUND ONLY and can ONLY be shipped to the lower 48 states and CASE orders require a signature upon delivery.

As always if the shipping costs turns out to be lower we will credit that over payment back to our customers credit card or PayPal. account.

Our Custom Car Blend 20% nitro 11% lubricants (4% castor 7% synthetic) Quarts Gallon Case (4 Gal.)
$14.99 $22.50 $90.00
Hazardous Shipping Cost
Cost including Hazardous Shipping Cost
 Regular Shipping Flat Rate Charge per Case     $22.50
Total Cost     $140.00

Case weight is 32 lbs.  Quart weight is 3 lbs.

Our Price $14.99  QUART Price Includes Shipping
Our Price   $140.00  CASE (includes HazMat and shipping charge)(Comes out to $35.00 per gallon)